Friends gathered around a table for a Friendsgiving meal.

A College Student’s Guide to Friendsgiving

Before you head home for Thanksgiving this year, gather your buds for a celebration of your own. Friendsgiving is a chill and easy way to enjoy the friendships you’ve made at school and celebrate (almost) making it through another semester. While a successful Friendsgiving shouldn’t take too much effort, these simple steps will help you plan a legendary soirée.

  1. Schedule Strategically 
    Finding a time that works for everyone can be a challenge, so set your plan far enough in advance to catch people before they leave for the holiday. Don’t stress too much about the location because Friendsgiving can work in any setting from houses to dorm lounges, so focus on finding a spot that’s convenient for all of you.
  2. Plan a Potluck
    Divide and conquer by having everyone bring something to share. Just be sure to organize a sign-up or assign different dishes for a balanced spread or even challenge your friends’ creativity by setting a theme. For example, have everyone bring a nostalgic dish from their childhood or assign each guest a country for an eclectic dinner from around the world.
  3. Keep it Simple
    You’ll get enough turkey and gravy when you go home, so don’t get hung up on the classics if they seem overwhelming. At Friendsgiving, anything goes so experiment with some fun, simple recipes you can share with your friends. They’ll appreciate the originality anyway. Two of our favorite potluck-winning recipes are buffalo chicken dip and pumpkin cheesecake bites.
  4. Give Thanks
    This is what it’s all about, after all. Encourage your friends to reflect and write what they’re thankful for this season on a large poster or dry-erase board to double as a feel-good decoration. A bowl of conversation starters at mealtime will also conjure up the warm fuzzies. Write prompts like “Share a time you were thankful for a friend,” on slips of paper and gather them in a bowl. Customize each with different things to be thankful for like family, a pet or Buckeye football and pass the bowl around so everyone can have a chance to share.
  5. Make a Splash on Social Media
    The party doesn’t stop once the food is eaten. Bring a few decks of cards, some party games like What Do You Meme, or put together your own karaoke for unforgettable, Snapchat-able memories. Show off your squad on Instagram by hanging decorations as a backdrop for a homemade photobooth and snapping artsy photos of your delicious creations.

As you celebrate the semester winding down with friends, Ohio’s soybean farmers will be celebrating the close of a chapter, too. Thanksgiving is a special time for them because it marks the end of harvest, the final piece of the growing season when they gather the crops they’ve nurtured since spring. Everyone has something different to be thankful for when they take their seat at the Thanksgiving table. For many farmers, it’s family, friends and a successful soybean harvest. What is it for you this year? Share with us on Twitter!

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