Top Five Spots to Grab Coffee in Columbus

Photos taken and article written by OSU student Emily Beal

Being the caffeine-dependent life form I am, one of my favorite pastimes is finding new places to fuel my addiction. From a vanilla latte to a classic cold brew, Ohio State’s coffee shop scene has something to offer every coffee enthusiast. If you’re a Buckeye local who loves a good cup of joe, you need to pay these top five spots a visit.

Kafe Kerouac: @kafekerouac

Kafe Kerouac menu and bar.

Kafe Kerouac is a cozy little coffee shop nestled on North High street. Filled with couches and bookshelves full of literature, Kerouac is the perfect spot to meet up with a friend to chat or simply sit down and unwind after a hectic day. Given that this shop is named after Jack Kerouac, a renowned author, many of the Kerouac’s drinks are named after other famous authors as well. I ordered The Jane Austen, a white chocolate and hazelnut latte, and it was fantastic. Adding to its one-of-a-kind atmosphere, every drink is served in a unique vintage mug with no two mugs looking alike. Finally, Kerouac offers trivia nights, live music, and even has a stocked bar for when you need something a little stronger in your mug.

Fox In The Snow: @foxinthesnow

Vanilla latte at Fox In The Snow in Columbus.

Fox in The Snow is quite possibly one of the most popular coffee shops on campus, and there is good reason for all the buzz! When pulling up to Fox in The Snow, you can’t help but admire the exterior design of the building as a playful fox invites you in for some coffee. Covered in lush greenery and endless sunlight, Fox in The Snow is the perfect place to recharge your battery. When ordering, you will appreciate the friendly demeanor of the staff. My go-to is a simple vanilla latte. It never fails, and not only is the coffee great, but their pastries are even better.

Coffee Connections: @coffeeconnectionsgateway

Coffee cup from Coffee Connections in Columbus.

Located in the heart of campus, Coffee Connections is the perfect place to kill time in between classes. With its warming fireplace, this intimate location makes you want to cuddle up with some coffee and dig into a good book. I, true to form, ordered my personal favorite: a vanilla latte, which was fantastic.

Short North Coffee House

View through the front window at Short North Coffee House in Columbus.

Don’t let this hole in the wall fool you, Short North Coffee House is a hidden gem in the Short North District. Not only do they serve great coffee, they offer an array of food as well. From pastries to pizza, the Short North Coffee House has you covered. One of my favorite things about this spot is that it stays open until midnight, making it the best place for late night cramming sessions. Another nice touch is the art by local artists exhibited on its walls. If you fall in love with a piece, you can even support the artist and purchase it yourself.

Starbucks: @Starbucks

An iced latte from a Starbucks on campus in Columbus.

I know, I know. Starbucks? Sometimes you can’t go wrong with a classic. With multiple chains on campus, Starbucks makes it easy to get your fix wherever you go. It’s also a great place to hit the books with lots of seating available and supersonic Wi-Fi. Starbucks is my favorite place to go when I’m on the run. The coffee is made fast and their cups are practically a fashion statement. My go-to guilty pleasure is always an iced caramel macchiato with soy milk. Soybeans are a wonderful source of dietary fiber, protein and important vitamins and minerals, making soy milk a delicious and nutritious choice.

No matter where you are on campus, Ohio State offers a variety of caffeine oases for you to enjoy. So, grab a book or a friend and go get a cup of joe at one of these local gems. You won’t regret it.

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