Meet Ohio Soybean Farmers

Matthew Klopfenstein with equipment on a local farm.

Matthew Klopfenstein

[Written by OSU student Sydney Snider] Growing up on a family farm as the youngest of four brothers, Matthew Klopfenstein became comfortable with hard work at an early age. The Klopfenstein family resides in Haviland, Ohio, and grows soybeans, corn and wheat. “In high school, we were taught once you’re home from school, you go outside and help dad on the farm,” said Matthew, who attributes his work ethic to […]

Adam Vonderhaar and his family at his graduation from The Ohio State University.

Adam Vonderhaar

[Written by OSU student Sydney Snider] For some of us, it takes years to discover our true passion, but that wasn’t the case for 22-year-old Adam Vonderhaar. For him, he discovered what his life’s work would be at the young age of 15. “Working to plant a soybean crop during the summer after my freshman year of high school, I realized watching the product of my work grow and flourish […]

The Anderson family on their local Ohio farm.

Nick and Brandi Anderson

[Written by OSU student Hailie Cassady] It’s not often you come across a first-generation farmer. Those looking to start a farm from the ground up face unique challenges like massive upfront investments and high levels of risk, but Nick and Brandi Anderson didn’t let those hurdles keep them from living their dreams. “Find a good banker and a good accountant, and always make sure the right hand knows what the […]

Darby Walton

Darby Walton

Many people don’t discover their career path until they get to, or even after they graduate college, but some have had it figured out from day one. That’s often the narrative for those in agriculture and certainly the case for Darby Walton. Darby graduated from OSU in 2016 with a degree in agribusiness and a minor in production agriculture. After graduation, he returned to his hometown of Sycamore, Ohio, to […]

Ohio farmers Alissa and Andrew Armstrong

Alissa and Andrew Armstrong

Alissa and Andrew Armstrong grew up together on a farm in South Charleston, Ohio, where their family raises soybeans and corn. Following in the footsteps of many generations before them, the siblings both returned home to help on the family farm after graduating from college. While the two may work together every day, they each took their own paths back home. Alissa earned a degree from Wittenberg University in communication […]

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