Soybean pods in the field.

Five Things You Might Not Know About Soybeans

Soy is a common source of protein and appears in tofu, as well as an ingredient in many different types of food, such as salad dressing, chocolate and baked goods.

Soy comes from soybeans – a crop grown by farmers throughout the United States, including Ohio. Like us, Best Food Facts likes to dig into the information behind how food is grown, so they found these interesting facts about soy and soybeans:

  1. Soybeans create some of their own fertilizer.
  2. Every part of the soybean is used in some way.
  3. Soybeans are renewable fuel.
  4. Soybeans can replace petroleum in common products.
  5. Soybean farmers are growing more using less natural resources.

Dive deeper into these interesting facts here!

Photo courtesy of the United Soybean Board.


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